Happy Ron

Happy Ron
Remembering Ron...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More of Ron's Paintings

We just received more images of Ron's artwork. These are some of his early works and his amazing talent is already evident.


  1. Patrick Nagel, was the artist...I had to look it up... he did the Duran Duran Rio Album...Ron loved that artwork and I'm sure Lou is correct, it's from the time when he was at Ringling. He also did a painting at that time which was a gumball machine exploding and the glass was in the shape of all of the continents...always loved that. I'll miss you Ron.

  2. I remember the exploding gumball machine! That was my favorite piece of Ron's, bar none.

  3. Lou,

    I was trying to think of some of Ron's friends during the Ringling days...I only visited there every once in awhile. One person's name came back to me, Marcy DiMare, is she aware of what has transpired?

    Thanks so much for putting this page up.