Happy Ron

Happy Ron
Remembering Ron...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Memorial Service Details

We will be celebrating Ron's life with a memorial service to be held this Saturday, 8/13/11 at 10:30AM at the following location:

Calvary Lutheran Church
5309 US HWY 41 North
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Here is a link to a map:

5309 N Us Highway 41


  1. Ronald Lee Wissing passed from this life on Sunday, August 7, 2011.  He is the son of the late Norman Wissing and is survived by his mother, Marilyn Wissing; his brother, Todd Wissing; his sister-in-law, Jill; his sister, Julia Wissing; his niece, Jennifer Wissing; and his nephew, Kyle Wissing; and friends around the world.

    Ron was born in Tampa but travelled the world, working and playing in many countries.  His passions were creative art, his loving and treasured friendships and his family; his mother was his best friend.  

    In his youth, Ron was a daredevil, always trying a new and dangerous sport: he rode the unicycle, was the handstand champ of his elementary school, a pioneer in riding skateboards in pools; he surfed, windsurfed and even used a sail parachute to surf.  In the second year that his high school fielded a soccer team, Ron led them to the State Championship and garnered the MVP trophy.  Once in college, he discovered his great talent and innovative spirit and went to the Ringling School of Art, where he pioneered the emerging field of computer graphics and was honored with the President’s Award.  In his career, as an employee, freelancer and business owner, he worked on hundreds of important and internationally-known media projects, winning awards—even an Emmy nomination.  Some of his proudest work, however, was art he created just for himself and his friends.

    In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Ron’s honor to Operation Healthy Reunions, website http://www.nmha.org/reunions/help.cfm or call 800-969-6642, option 3.

    To view Ron’s Memorial blog and share in the online celebration of Ron’s life, please visit http://ronwissing.blogspot.com. 

  2. I am sorry for your families loss. R.I.P. Ron. Godspeed.

    Linda Vantrece

  3. Todd,

    That's so well written...it really does capture the essence of the person we knew and loved. I hope you and the family sense the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit during this time of sadness, and that the wonderful memories you share will someday eclipse the pain you feel today.

    Press on,


  4. There is a reception immediately following the Memorial Service at The Resort at Little Harbor restaurant, Sunset Grille. The address is 611 Destiny Drive, Ruskin, FL 33570. It is located at the end of Shell Point Drive off Highway 41. We look forward to seeing you there!
    Julie Wissing

  5. We shared some great memories. I will always remember Ron's humor. His talent, creativity and passion for art has shown in all his work.
    His considerate caring personality touched so many lives.
    May God bring comfort and peace to Ron's family and friends.
    John Bednar

  6. Thanks to everyone who attended the ceremony; posted on this or other blogs; or have called or emailed us this week. It has been made very clear to us that many of Ron's friends have a full, deep understanding of who he was.

    While we grieve for things that may have been, we also cherish the way he loved life while he was here. To those special friends who put their hearts out to him, know that we share your feelings; but we also are awed by the many examples of love you offered to a friend in need. It is a great comfort to know Ron was loved, treasured and understood in such a complete way by such extraordinary people.

    Todd Wissing

    1. , I just heard that Ron passed away? What happen to Ron? I haven't spoken to him in a few years and when he left Orlando I lost contact with him, last thing I heard he was living back at his mom's house? Please let me know what happen and if you have his mom's number please pass that one too..Oh man this caught me off guard, I was sure that ours paths would cross, oh man feeling numb..Please let me know what happen??
      Keifus~ kmathews1@gmail.com

    2. Keifus,
      I will send you an email..
      Marilyn Wissing

  7. God Bless you Todd and your entire family during this time of grieving. Thank you for sharing this with me, your brother will be remembered and loved forever.

    Mike Allman
    AA LGA/777

  8. I am saddened by the news of Ron's passing, yet my heart is lifted at the thought of him and his amazing energy and creative talent. All that coupled with a generous heart in one who would go the distance for his friends was a powerful package. Powerful enough to build a network, and we did.

    Ron was a key player in the early days of The Family Channel. At a time when media buyers suspected that the Family Channel operated out of a basement in Va. Beach, Ron Wissing entered our lives to change that. Fresh out of Ringling Art School, he blazed onto the scene with explosive energy and creative design talent. All he needed was a box that could keep up with him. And he got it.

    Ron came to the Family Channel at the juncture of breakthrough technology that leap-frogged the early "Paintbox" into a single self-contained graphic design and posting box called the D/FX. We purchased one early on and had number 4 of that box. It was a strong strategic move; Ron's energy and talent merged with the new capabilities of the D/FX to make the Family Channel look as genuine and visually competitive as the major networks.

    The D/FX was like the Colt revolver, it leveled the playing field and changed the rules about network graphic design. Until then, the Paintbox was about all we had and it produced only still images. The D/FX was the first one to incorporate all three functions: design, edit and motion effects; it was the pioneer box of motion graphics, and Ron was right there making history with it. That box driven by Ron moved The Family Channel into the spotlight as a viable network. The little guy could look like the big guys. Because of Ron we LOOKED like a major network.

    Ron spent days on end, often without sleep in that graphic suite at FAM, drinking Diet-Coke and turning out breakthrough eye popping graphics that demanded to be recognized. He was a key contributor to the phenomenal rise of the Family Channel to success.

    Ron was a great fellow who gave himself wholly to the needs of our group. He is loved and missed by all of us who had the pleasure of knowing him. Thank you Ron. I will never forget you.

    Jack Norman
    Former Creative VP
    Family Channel


  9. Jack,

    Ron spoke of you so often and had great respect for you.
    Thank you for sharing your appreciation for his talent. It helps us to know that he was not forgotten by those from the past who helped him launch his career.
    I know he is smiling at you from above!

    With sincere gratitude,

    Marilyn Wissing